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     Since 2014, Meijin Ramen in New York City has been serving traditional Japanese ramen dishes, with the signature Tonkotsu broth and miso beef broth an absolute must for first-time visitors. Alternatively, you can always switch things up with spicy chilli or soy chicken variations. In the mood for something cooler? You've got an extensive list of sushi to dive into. There's also a bunch of tasty side plates if you really want to make a feast of it, so go ahead and order some crispy fried chicken or soft shell crab, why don't you? Just make sure to leave space for one of their famous desserts.


     Introducing our top-selling Tonkotsu Ramen - a culinary masterpiece crafted by our chef, Goji Miyamoto. This special creation features Meijin's rich pork broth, a result of boiling pork bones for 12 hours to fully extract the collagen, fats, and proteins, creating a flavorful suspension in the broth. Chef Miyamoto, who has started and honed his renowned Japanese noodle soup on the Upper East Side, brings together a harmonious blend of flavors and aromas. The soup is served with chewy noodles, crispy kikurage mushrooms, and spicy shredded pork, striking a perfect balance between the noodles, toppings, and broth. This bowl is like a tasty high-five from Japan to all the ramen lovers in New York, wrapping up all those amazing Japanese flavors in a New York-style embrace.

     Our signature Valen Sushi Roll, named after and crafted by our current head chef, Valentino. With over 15 years of sushi-making experience, Chef Valentino brings his expertise to every roll. The Valen Sushi Roll features premium crab mayo, avocado, cucumber, and is topped with salmon, tuna, and a drizzle of truffle oil, presenting a delightful pink and orange hue from the salmon and tuna.

     The highlights of our sushi rolls include the Eel Crispy Rice and the Spicy Tuna with crispy sushi rice, both of which are essential. These dishes are not only delicious but also perfect for those on the go, offering a quick yet refined meal option.

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